Monday, 9 April 2012

Dethek Project - Part 4

Well the font is finally finished. The most accurate and complete Dethek font on the web. Dethek is a script used the Forgotten Realms universe.

As mentioned in previous posts, Dethek has no punctuation and a strange numeric system, so please visit the Dethek wiki page to better understand the usage.

Dethek Fancy

This image shows all the characters that are available in this font.

The alphabet is pretty straightforward.

  • Capitals have an accent over them
  • W, X and Z are the same character.
  • N and O have alternate letters as official sources contradict each other.
  • You choose which versions you prefer.
The Dethek number sytem works similarly to Roman Numerals, but only goes up to 1099.
  • Numbers are more literal, so...
    • 7 is written as 5  1  1
    • 12 is written as 10  1  1
    • 134 is written as 100  10  10  10  1  1   1  1
  • A clear explanation can be found here, on the Dethek wiki page.
  • This font uses 7 characters to create Dethek numbers
    • 1 represent 1
    • 5 represents 5
    • 0 represents 10
    • - is used to link numbers
    • + represents 100
    • = can be added before a + to make 1000
    • | represents 1 if attached to a 10
These pictures should start you off...

These are used to represent the different races in the Forgotten Realms.
  • !    represents Orc
  • "    represents Elf
  • £   represents Dwarf
  • $   represents Human
  • %  represents Gnome
  • ^   represents Halfling
  • &  represents Goblin
  • *   represents Dragon
These symbols are usually found on signposts or carved into the ground.
  • :     represents Danger, beware
  • ;     represents Safe trail, safe road
  • @  represents Safe drinking water
  • #    represents Bad water
  • ~    represents Safe place, safe shelter

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Forgotten Realms Wiki

For those of you who don't know, there are a number of official realms. Each realm is a fictional universe, in which you can set your games.

The most popular of these is the Forgotten Realms, go find out about it as

Torchlight Fantasy Products

Although I'm 20, and relatively young compared to most D&D gamers, I have been influenced my my dad. My dad was a full on gamer back in the 80s. He was a hardocre gamer before computer games and warhammer.

His enthusiasm has rubbed off on me somewhat, and I recently discovered his collection of old Torchlight products. If you dont know what Torchlight is check this flick page.

Torchlight was basically a company who made resin dungeons for use in the table-top game back in the 80s. The company went bust before the 90s, but has since become quite culty among the older gamers.

Anywayz, i'm looking to refurbish my dad's collection and hopefully make some molds from his pieces and resell some of these great products.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dethek Project - Part 3

Just found out that the dethek letters for 'n' and 'o' are translated differently in different sources.

I've decided to use the most recent source as the base for my alphabet, but the alternate letters can be typed using special character ñ and õ

Dethek Project - Part 2

Hi folks, the font is coming along nicely, I've managed to capture the Dethek numeral system.

I've also added the Dethek symbols, in place of punctuation as Dethek has no punctuation.

I'm trying to make this font more accurate to the actual runic system. So if Dethek doesn't have an equivalent to a character, it will not be included in the font.

Dethek Project

Hi folks, I've been studying the D&D Forgotten Realms universe a lot recently. In particular, the dwarven rune script, Dethek. Check out this wiki page to learn about Dethek.

There are already a few Dethek fonts available but I don't really like them. Neither of them have successfully captured the Dethek numeric system.

I'm working on my own Dethek font at the moment. Should be ready soon. It will be able to type Dethek numbers properly.

Existing Dethek Fonts (not created by me) it begins

Hello everyone, My name is Thomas. I'm a grade A geek. i know too much about,
  • Marvel Comic
  • Doctor Who
  • Dungeons & Dragons (Forgotten Realms)
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Star Wars
This blog is gonna be focusing on my D&D obsession. Enjoy.